Transfer of Pet’s Remains

When your pet passes away, whether you were anticipating the death or the death comes unexpectedly, we understand that you may be uncertain of what your next step should be. Whether your plan is for burial in the Faithful Pets Garden at Forest Hills Memory Gardens or for one of our cremation services, please know that we will facilitate bringing your pet into our care.

There are generally three ways we can receive your pet’s remains:

Transfer of Remains from Your Veterinarian’s Office: Many of the veterinarians in Southwest Virginia and Upper East Tennessee have a relationship with Faithful Pets and are familiar with our services. Often, a family’s veterinarian is involved with care of the pet up until the very last moments of the pet’s life. In these instances, you may leave your pet with the veterinarian and we will travel to that doctor’s office to transfer your pet’s remains into our care. Please note: for those offices beyond a reasonable distance from our office, there is a small additional fee for mileage beyond the service area. We will transport your pet to our facility and perform services as directed by you. Many of the veterinarians have our authorization paperwork; if your veterinarian does not have that paperwork, we will contact you by phone to discuss your services options.

Delivery of Remains to Our Facility: We are open to the public during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and you are welcome to bring your pet to us any time during those hours. We encourage you to call our office first so that we can be expecting your arrival.

Transfer of Remains from Your Home: For special circumstances within the area of Washington County, Virginia, we can arrange to pick up your pet from home and bring him/her to our facility (additional fees apply).

What If My Pet Passes Away After Hours?

We know that there may be a time when your pet’s death occurs when our office is closed. If this happens, you may be able to coordinate with your local veterinarian to deliver your pet to that office, and then our staff can be contacted by the veterinarian the next business day. You may also elect to keep your pet in your home; we would suggest placing the pet in a cool, dark place until the next business day. Finally, while we do not have staff available at nights and on weekends for transfers of remains, we may in some instances be able to coordinate meeting with you beforehand at our facility if you need to bring your pet to us. If you call our office after hours or on the weekend, please leave a message. One of our staff members will return your call once we are back in the office.

Pet Cremation Services and Options

At Faithful Pets, we offer different cremation options that offer affordable, yet dignified care of your pet and provide many opportunities for memorialization. These options are described below. For all pets taken into our care where the family desires the return of cremated remains, we use a stainless steel, pre-numbered ID tag (alpha numeric) that stays with your pet throughout the cremation process, including in the cremation chamber. This allows us to positively identify your pet’s ashes in any phase of the process. For each cremation option, the service cost is determined by the pet’s weight category. Please contact us for specific pet cremation pricing.

Private Cremation

When this option is chosen, your pet is placed by itself in the crematory. This process allows for the removal of each pet’s recoverable, cremated remains and involves no commingling with other animals. The cremation will be completed in 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the day after we receive the pet into our care.

Partitioned Cremation

With this option, we are able to cremate more than one pet at the same time yet, while maintaining the individuality of each animal by using a separate chamber area in the crematory for each animal. It also allows for the removal of each pet’s recoverable, cremated remains separately and involves no commingling of the animals. Since we can cremate more than one pet during the cremation cycle, the cost for this service is less than that of a private cremation. With this option, the cremation will be completed in 6 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the day after we receive the pet into our care.

Communal Cremation

For those pet families who DO NOT wish to receive their pet’s remains after the cremation, Communal Cremation offers a dignified and economical alternative to care for your pets. Pets are placed in the crematory together with no separation, and following the cremation process those cremated remains are scattered in special sections located near the Faithful Pet facilities.

Receiving Your Pet’s Cremated Remains

When the cremation of your pet is completed, we will return to you the cremated remains in one of three ways: scheduled, personal meeting at Faithful Pets to receive your pet’s remains; return of the cremated remains to your veterinarian’s office; or certified mail of the remains via the United States Postal Service. Please note that the time frames for private or partitioned cremation pertain to the cremation process itself.

If you wish to pick up your pet’s cremated remains at Faithful Pets, a representative of Faithful Pets will contact you when the cremation is completed to schedule an appointment time. If you desire us to return the pet’s remains to the veterinarian’s office, we will do so at no additional cost on our next visit to the veterinarian’s office or immediate area. A slightly extended time period may be required for delivery of the pet’s remains if the veterinarian’s office is not in an area frequently visited by Faithful Pets staff.

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