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Rescued 02/05/2009 - Departed for the Rainbow Bridge 05/04/2020 peacefully at home surrounded by love.

Stewies journey with his family began in an unconventional way. It was a cold February day in 2009 when he used the automatic doors to walk into Walgreens in Johnson City, TN. Little did he know he would be walking into the life of his new family. While the other shoppers tried to shoo him out his new found family quickly put him in their car and took him home. After putting up “Found Dog” flyers the previous owners were found. They had him living on a chain in a back yard and somehow, thankfully, he got free and wandered into Walgreens. They didn’t want him back and were going to take him back to the shelter in which they had gotten him. So the family he found in Walgreens decided to keep him. That is when his life truly began. Stewie was a loving little guy. Wanting to know more about him his family had a DNA test done on him. His breeds consisted of American Foxhound, Beagle, Basset Hound, Chow Chow and surprisingly Boston Terrier. That breed combo made for big puppy dog eyes and an incredible amount of loyalty. He was so loyal he even caught a burglar once! He rarely growled so when he looked out the window and growled one evening in 2014 his Dad Len knew to look outside. When he pulled up the blinds there was a burglar breaking into Lens car. With a pound on the window by Len and some ferocious barking by Stewie the burglar ran into the night. Stewie had a devoted Mom and Dad who nurtured him to the end. When the lymphoma was taking its toll on him Len and Erin would stay up all hours of the night caring for him. His Mom enjoyed cooking him organic chicken, veggies and coconut oil and taking him to all of his appointments. He was hopelessly devoted to her and she affectionately would call him “Stalker Stewie” because he enjoyed following her around the house. If she went up and down the stairs twenty times a day, so would he, taking each step with her. He also had a large fur family consisting of Zoey, Gabby and Therapy Dogs Teddy & Charlie Bear. Being a big eyed, silly boy, Stewie obtained many nicknames over the years. Stew Stew, Stew Bug, Bug and Buggie. During special occasions like Christmas or when having company to the house, Stewie would don a sweater and bowtie and his family would joke that when he wears his bowtie he prefers to be called “Stewart”. The company always laughing and going along with it. Before departing for the Rainbow Bridge Stewie was able to complete a bucket list. He enjoyed a giant Puppuccino, went to the VA Creeper Trail, several parks, had picnics with family, put his paw print in concrete and said goodbye to the people he knew longest. He also enjoyed several cheeseburgers. In fact, his last meal was a burger. Stewie taught his family a lot over the years and more than they could have imagined through his illness and death. To keep his memory alive, they would like to pass on some things that they believe Stewie would want you to know… Be loyal and be kind, always. Stay close to the side of the ones you love and give them forehead kisses. Enjoy your favorite foods and eat them with enthusiasm. Life is fleeting and precious. It goes by so fast so make sure to truly live it for tomorrow is not promised. In loving memory of our silky eared boy. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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March 2001 - May 2013

Daisy was brought into our family when I was in the third grade and was instantly part of the family. She was a sweet, quiet and loving dog. We miss her all the time and were blessed to have her.

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